Shamanic Healing


About a year ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Esalen Institute with my daughter for a weekend of Shamanic Healing. If you haven’t been to Esalen, you’re missing one of the most amazing places on the California coast - and something that may not be around forever. Esalen is in Big Sur and the only road to Esalen is Highway 1 which has been closed twice this past winter (2016/17) due to rockslides. A group at Esalen, after a large slide, had to be escorted and helicoptered out - this place is that remote…..

The experience

Today, I find we have so much that is distracting us and I really wanted to share the experience my daughter and I had at the final fire ceremony where were were anointed to be the carriers of this healing fire ceremony. It was amazing. It was spiritual. It was beautiful.

The fire

My daughter and I stood together around the fire on our final night.  It seemed like hours…. I can tell you that the amazing peace and feeling of serenity that comes over you when approximately 40 people are chanting at night in front of a fire is amazing…


The Chant

The only way to understand it is to experience it:


Visit - support this amazing institute and in the process, heal yourself.